About Inspire

The need for widespread digital skills and confidence has never been more apparent or more urgent. Covid-19 has laid this bare.  

However, 2.6m people are still completely offline. 20.5m people have Low or Very Low Digital Engagement. 

We believe digital inclusion and digital skills are a basic right in a digital world 

We believe that this is a shared responsibility – across government, public, third/social and private sectors. 

We also believe that employers in all sectors - and the corporate sector in particular - have a significant, potentially brilliant, role to play in supporting widespread digital inclusion in the community - through employee volunteering. 

We developed Inspire in 2020 to help them do this.  

The latest data on digital inclusion confirms the latent potential of informal volunteering to make a dent in digital exclusion and turbo charge the digital engagement of the under-skilled and under-engaged. 

  • 66% of people would prefer to learn digital skills and confidence from friends, family or work colleagues* 

  • 67% said they would improve their digital skills if they knew there was support available when needed* 

  • 60% of those who did not use the Internet at home had asked someone else to do something for them online in the past year. ** 

Having worked through Inspire, we’re hoping you will have been inspired to take an action to support someone else.

We’ll show you how easy – and how rewarding – it can be to make a digital skills difference.


References: * Lloyds Consumer Digital Index 2021, ** Ofcom Media Literacy 2021 

Inspire as part of the Capgemini digital literacy programme

Inspire is part of Capgemini’s digital literacy programme. It has been developed by Digital Unite, UK digital inclusion specialists for over 25 years.

The overarching aim of Inspire is to engage Capgemini employees with digital skills volunteering, through Digital Champion models of peer-peer support, so that they can make a positive digital skills impact in local social, community and even work contexts.